Thursday, October 28, 2004

Extreme Smells

Ok... I only did like 2 things today... firstly... went to school (Temasek Polytechnic), not PJC... to do wat? To play badminton!!! ^^ Yup.. Meet up with Fagan, Brian, Marc, Leigh and Yiping... the legendary figure that i had been hearing for so long............ Hahaha... The game was ok lar.. considering that i DID sweat abit... Haha... Oya.. I smacked Fagan in his hand! Oops!~ It was so red lor!~ *paiseh* haha... After the game... We went to mensa to eat... I ate some chicken soup noodles which wasn't good. Haiz. I hate having bad throat since it restricts me to eat Eat EAt EAT! =(

The next big thing of the day is going to Little India! Hahaha... Only Faggie did not follow us cause he needs to work... Went to Takka Mall.. Nothing much in there lar... Me and Marc played MetalSlug... Bored ar... U know... when girls shop... After that we were actually deciding to go to Kbox... but we didn't! *saves money ar....* Marc left to meet Michelle(another legendary figure) while Brian sent Liping home and joined us again later... Leigh and me walked around... and we went to Komala's to eat... MY GOD! The food there... I wont say that it sucks cause the Indians there were enjoying so much...

I ordered this Thali Meal... which consist of 4 different veggies, 5 different sauces, 2 chopatti(watever... its juz some flour like prata), 1 i-dunno-wat(bread?) and rice. ok... Lets go thru one by one.
- Veggies. 1 salad which i didn't eat at all, cause i dun like! 1 ladyfingers with onions which sucks cause of the bad choice of onions. 1 carrots with corns which was cold and soft... 1 ladyfiner again with some sauce which tastes ok.
- Sauces. BAD! Very. to me at least. 1 fermented yogurt which smells like : simply stunning. 1 yellowish watery sauce which smells good... but LIKE shit when u taste it! The other 3 sauces... forget it.
The prata-like thingy was cold. so was the bread. And the rice. So the meal was like shit lar... VERY BAD! But it sure kept us entertained! hahaha....guessed only Leigh and Brian will understand... =D

Yup... Thats abt it lar... After that come home lor! -bored-

*Haiz... I just can't stop thinking. Why???*

Good luck to all A'lvl peeps taking chem prac later! Best of luck and must keep on working hard ya!!! =D

-Do u even know...-


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