Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ha! Watch out!

Yoz peeps, aint going to update for the next 3 days. Why?
I am going for a chalet! 哈哈!

Actually, I dunno if I am really looking forward to this one. In a way, I dun feel that its really well planned. Kinda. *shrugs* But guess I will just make the ebst out of it and HOPES that everyone going would enjoy themselves. Btw, its the Interest Group chalet. And its at Aloha Loyang!!! My god~ that is like how far away from my place? *shakes heads*

Gotta leave like soon but i am still here posting. Things that i am going to do with my blog. haha! Watch out for these in the future!
- My OWN templete. Yeah, going to make one. Its MY blog anyway.
- Try to add in some nice Java.
- If my site is FAMOUS?!, i would put up ads. IF lar.
*Anyone who knows how to do all these PLS contact me yeah? would need your help!*
Changes would take place slowly.... i repeat. S l o w l y. So, sit back, visit often to see see lar. =p

Haven't packed my bag yet! Haha, guess its time to do so. Yup, signing off. Would update on the trip asap when i am back. U better pray for that. haha!


Really lar! Now go! Come back again soon! Remember to promote this lousy little site!

*Everyone, as long as u know me or u request to, please link me yeah!?*


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