Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Reopening - the blog -

There is this boy, who ended his exams, sigh in response of reflief. Or so he thought. The actual fact is that boredom has just started to haunt him.

To ease this boredem, he thought that he might want to start a blog. Or should he say, reopen his long lost blog. He started. Editing. Posting. finding counters and webmusic(which does not work for some reason!)

Sometimes he wonders, does this world actually have so many people who will visit his blog when he reopens it? He really thinks that less than a few would visit regularly. But he HOPES! that many would pass the address of his blog around, and make his blog a very very successful one. He cannot update daily but would try to post when he get his "feel". HA! How stupid can that be?

The fact is that he is trying to earn money from this blog. YA! but how??? BY posting ads and with the HELP of YOU! to make his site so darn famous... Some company might wanna contact him to post ads! or maybe as famous as XiaXue(fat hope - i dun post those lengthy stuffs that she does)

SO so so, please help this boy here to spread his blog around! Just coming to look about wont hurt... =)

-The Blog-
An online diary,
Thats what they say.
An entry of feelings,
Thats to him.
But not forgetting,
the money matters.
Holidays are like without it,
Endless work and more work.
Trying to breathe in this world,
Seems to be getting harder.
The sun still rises,
The darkness still fall.
Look at life the Yin-Yang way,
Pin it on this blog.



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