Friday, October 15, 2004

a short stop

Yup! I am back from all the shit (that i give others) at the chalet! Mmmm... a total sleeping time of 5 hours for 2 days... not that bad huh? Ok, lets see what i was doing there!

Day 1 was pretty boring? Meet Avril and Crystal and Huiyi to buy stuffs for the games com early. Meet Avirl but the other 2 blur sotongs went to the wrong place! In the end when they arrived, we are almost done with the shopping. After that, we proceed to Aloha Loyang, checked in... bla.. u know. Spent the rest of the day making water bombs. Coloured water bombs. Thats it!!! Nothing else! I was so bored. Ended playing cards till the time to meet the main com. Ate KFC at downtown east... Haha.. This was the time when the KFC there ran out of buns and we actually went to confront them cos they did not replace anything for our "loss" of buns. In the end, they gave us a minipopcorn chicken each, which of course was better in value! Wahaha. *rolls eyes* The rest of the night. Bored.

Day 2 was the games day. Played all sort of disgusting games with the peeps. Well, i thought it wasnt very well done as in not planned well enough but i hope that the people would enjoy the games lar. ok! shut up. =x Next was the BBQ. As usual, i set up a pit alongside with Nic. Nic was crap lar... so worried abt everything then keep on disturbing my pit which i was trying to set up. In the end, my pit was nice. I liked it lar. A few peeps also liked my pit k! The other one was pretty . . . *bleah* haha. Yup, didnt eat much as usual (only for BBQ, i normally eat alot as all my friends would know) but ate like 30 otahs? Crazy. Then went cycling with Sarah, Rosell and Crystal. Went around the area looking for kopitiams and 7-11. Also tried to go up to the Red House but as we went near we turned back. Dun ask why lar. >.< Ate a bowl of dessert in the middle of the night at some kopitiam then bought a Super big Glup then went back. Ended watching 紫禁之巅。After a while everyone fell alseep and i was the only one awake in the whole bungalow. SO chalet hor? haha.

Day 3 was check out lar. Nothing much to say lar. o_O

Ar... Still have end sem orientation finale to settle. Tired... Setting off for Port Dickson on Monday! Another 4 days gone. Haiz. 我的天啊!

*very brief chalet "details", tell u all also not much use rite? Bah. I am just lazy as usual*


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