Sunday, October 31, 2004

Uneventful days + Huang Na

Ar... Life sucks when all my friends are preparing for A lvls and I am stuck all alone without anything to do. For the past 2 days, my life is so boring! Well, its has always been like that for i wonder how long... but still, just let me complain here ya? =)

Went to play badminton on Saturday... at clementi sports complex. For the first time, I felt that the courts there are nice to play with! I wonder why... My dad joined us (Steve, Darius, John and me... CB PS us...) and we played for 3 hours! Nice... As usual, after all the playing, it makan time!!

Sunday... Watched TV at home. so fun rite? After that went bowling... didn't bowl very well either... =( Its kinda not my day afterall.

Its kind of a routine for me every weekend already. Saturday badminton... Sunday bowling. Its fun when doing these activites but i guess its just not enought to satisfied me. I am such a greedy pig. =D Well, a pig i am... *oink*

K, now lets tok abt the TALK OF THE TOWN. 黄娜.

Photo taken from CNA website.

For those who didn't really pay attention to this news, let me give u a background on this whole story. Huang Na(HN) disappeared about 3 weeks ago. Her mother, Mrs.W (MW) went to China to settle some matters, leaving HN to the care of her friend. However, within 2 days, HN diasppeared and was reported missing. The last person seen with HN was Ah Hao(AH). After the disappearance of HN, he was questioned by the police in Singapore 2 times, before he fled the country and went missing too. After 2 weeks, he handed himself over to Penang officals.

Right now, there is a body which was found inside a box. The body has decomposed so much that it forensic doctors could not identify the body immediately. Its a little girl with long hair, naked. Police believed that that HN. AH would be charged with murder once identification of the body is confirmed to be HN.

HN is/was only 8. ( Lets just pray that the body is not her, but that would means that there is another case of a little girl being murdered. *shrugs* )

For some reason, not that i am so heartless to say that WN issue is a samll thing, but in a global scale, there is like a kidnapping case very 1-2hours alone? So its like... i dunno. Well, will take note of wat is going on for the case of HN and will post it here! =) The link to CNA's report is as follows~ CNA's Report.

Mmmm... Who will win? SAY!


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