Sunday, October 17, 2004

Zooming off again

Ok. Went to PJC open house. MY god, i simply love PJC. It just feel sooooo good to be back in the campus. The surroundings, the people and the feel of just walking about near the school just trigger so much memories... =) PJC would always live in me! No matter how others look at me, PJC!~ I love you! *kinda lame hor?*

Back to the topic, open house. Thought it wasnt very well done as in my first feel of it was very messy and I dun really see much activities going on. Mainly kept myself occupied during my time there. Played volleyball! Cool. Dun think i am that bad of a player... wahahha. =x Meet up with so many people, really nice to be able to see them again... =) Haha! I "kapo" a goodie bag! M1 one le... not bad huh? Before I forget, volleyball cheated me so much money by asking me to buy drinks again and again! >.<

Ya, as u might have guessed, lazy me aint going to go into details again! wahaha! left PJ at abt 2.30? Reached ginza at abt 4pm... then waited to play lan with willy, jasper and ky. Played DOTA. pretty cool, think ky and me really made a good team... rite brother??? =D After that went to meet Steve, Kenn, Matt and Isabelle for dinner at pizzahut. *broke* Followed by KBOX! which cost me $25 (9pm-3am). It was fun lar... but then... *VERY broke* Swore never to go KBOX on sat nights again! Clarabelle and Philip joined us later too... after singing, we "ton" outside a coffeshop till the first bus arrived... Thou shall not dwell into how i missed buses. =(

Walked to Chinese Garden MRT take train home. Haha. By the time i reached home it was 6.30am le. Prepared for a while.. then left for my bowling traning later. Not bad ar! Played pretty well, had plenty of strike and even hit a few high games. *grinz* After that, went to buy stuffs with my parents... makan... reached home at abt 4.30pm. Yup, tats abt it.

And yes!!! I am going overseas tml! To Port Dickson, Malaysia... Not that far lar... With my coursemates. Mmmm... that means i wont be around for 4 days till thursday! Dun miss me people! (I know u all wont, just trying to deny the fact, let me be)

*To all my A lvl friends, Work Hard k! U guys have made it so far! 1, ONE, 一 month more! Dun be too stress k?? =)
**Hey hey Sarah! Thanks for the ever-so-tasty cookies! Kinda wondering how to get cookies from u next time when u leave PJ... so u must come TP k! Sarah's Cookies! Best!


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