Sunday, November 07, 2004

Crap on why Bush won.

Ok... As promised to ST... let us know understand why Kerry lost the Elections. =D

*The conversation below is purely crap, purely made-up and does not contain any truth to it.*

Kerry: Hi. This is Sen. Kerry. May I speak to the President please?

Operator: Yes Sen. Kerry. Mr President is expecting you.

Bush: Hi Kerry. Wassup?

Kerry: Ha. Hi there you ass. My ceiling and fans of course.

Bush: Yeah. Whatever. You have a problem?

Kerry: Well, I actually wanted to call and talk abt the elections.

Bush: I see. Whats about it? I'm pretty cool.

Kerry: Ok. You have 254EV and I have 252EV. Its close.

Bush: Kerry! Are you that poorly informed???

Kerry: *huh?*

Bush: Didn't you watch TV? Don't you have informers? I've won Ohio!

Kerry: Na. I ain't gonna acknowledge that. I promised my supporters.

Bush: Look Kerry. U LOST. DAMN IT!


*Bush hanged up.*

Kerry: Sorry, can you connect me to the President again?

Bush: Its me damn it. What do you want?

Kerry: Well, things are getting hot down here.

Bush: Yeah, want to bomb you like i did in Iraq?

Kerry: *Gulps* Its cool. Real cool.

Bush: U know wat Kerry? Why don't you just give up?

Kerry: Tell me why.


Kerry. No...

Bush: YES! O pls. I have more popular votes then you. And I am leading by the count now.

Kerry: So?

Bush: Even if the rest of the votes goes to you... I would still win!

Kerry: I am sorry Sir. But I cannot give up like that.

Bush: Why?

Kerry: Blame it on Edwards. He said that we would not acknowledge it.

Bush: So you do?

Kerry: Yeah. Actually, I wanted to call and admit defeat. But...

Bush: But wat?

Kerry: You see. Edwards was with me a moment ago.

Bush: Ic. Need me to do something abt it?

Kerry: Na. Wont want the army to come marching down my door steps.

Bush: Yeah. Smart choice u Loser.

Kerry: ... I am going to make my speech later.

Bush: Me too. Prepared my winning speech months ago. HAHAHA!

Kerry: Congratulations Mr.President. and ... Laura. I... (Bush cuts in)

Bush: Thank you.

Kerry: Mr President. What we need is... (Bush cuts in again)

Bush: I will tell you what we need. Now. You there.

Kerry: ya...?

Bush: Tell your supporters. America needs to unite. The Bush way.

Kerry: Ok. Consider it done.

*End of conversation.*

*** Ok. NOT funny. You see, staying at home too much can drive someone to go nuts. ***

But why did Bush really win the re-election?

I know many of you aint supporters of Bush. But, think about it.Yes. He started the war. But who attacked America?Yes. He cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). But who took out Saddam?

Yeah. We cannot deny the fact that Bush did something that most of us here in the rest of the world deem as being wrong. But the thing is this. The place of the 911 attacks aint anywhere else but America.

Its THEIR home. HOME.

We sitting ducks outside of America would not be able to understand how Americans felt. Its easy for us to say that its wrong to attack Iraq. But its a tough choice for Bush to push the attack.

The campaign. The whole 9 months process. The approach of Bush and Kerry are very differernt. Bush was very conservative in his approach. He hinted that he knew that he has his weakness but he also hinted that he needed 4 more years to prove what he can really do.
On the other hand, Kerry was very firm with his "Bush is the one to be laid off" approach. All of his speeches prompt his supporters to believe that what Bush did was wrong. This, could very much be the cause of his downfall.

Lets put it this way. Human nature is in such a way that you tend to believe "kind" people more. Imagine 40% of Americans support Bush, another 40% support Kerry. Simple maths tells us that we are left with 20%.
This undecided 20% would tend to break apart, with more finding themselves voting for Bush. Bush's soft approach manage to seize more votes then Kerry's "keep scolding" approach.
Other then that, Osama appeared at a WRONG time i felt. His appearance was aimed to kick Bush off his seat of the "most powerful man". But, what i felt, was that the effect was reverse. His re-appearance only reafirmed that War on Terror is still going on. and that, it MUST go on.

Terror struck America, and they are the one who want them out the most.

There was also talks about Bush siding with Israel too much... Please, any American President would do that. Its their foot hold in the Middle East. I doubt Kerry would say, "Israel is on her own".

Is Singaporeans too hot over the Paper Chase? (Degrees etc)Yes/No?
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