Friday, November 12, 2004

Fun Camp 2004. (short)

Heyhey!!! I am back from the camp!!! Gosh i miss. MY BED. Sleeping on the hard 6.6million hall ain't nice at all. Bleah!

The 3 days ar... Ok lar. I wont say that its the best camp... but its alrite lar. AT least i met a few great people in the camp! Tat, Allan, Kelvin, Kenneth, Alvin, Logan and the girls... Aiya. The whole OG not bad lar. =) Not forgetting our FAs. TPSU President Alvin and ASC Suiyi!

Lets start.

DAy 1 was. BORING. The usual stuffs lar... the admin took DAMN long. 2 hours? So we are like sitting on the HARD floor waiting for like something to happen. Then all my friends... those who pyscho me to go one... ALL PS ME. So fun hor? Idiots. Bah. Then played a salad making game which was short and lame. That was their ice-breaker. Then they went on to games le. Best hor? Of course we not enthu lar... Dunno each other yet... How to enthu?

Day 2 was better. Already know the group le. The night before was sleeping with 3 other guys and we have a mini KTV session while lying on the floor at night. Just sing and sing until we KO. Haha. Kinda regret not getting the rest cause we have orienteering. Walked for 3 hours. NON-STOP. Tired sia. Then went back to TP to play station games. Normal lor.
Guess the best part was the performace nite. My group poerformance was crappy lar. Full of boobs and baboos!
I acted as Jack(the only guy who acted as a guy in the performace) and i touched lots of boobs. Hahaha! And I hugged "Rose(TiTanic)" aka "Sadako(The Ring)" and was suffocated by the boobs of "Angel(Charlie's Angel)". Enjoy all the touching sia. So fake. =X

Day 3. Station games. Then Final Clash was crappy!!! With 1 min of the game, my team almost lost. Cos we killed another team when my groupmate, Kelvin, dunk the other team's stick!(We ain't supposed to do that). We were lucky not to be kicked out but had our stick exchanged. Which was good! The stick we changed for was broken once, and other teams would be unable to break it again that easily! Hahaha! Lucky Us. The game went on... Since we are so weak by having the spoilt stick, we ought to be out first. But instead, we killed another 2 teams!(By me, wahaha! =D) and we were in Top3! Another team was killed and we were in Top2! We were supposed to be first... Was damn sure I killed the team before they killed us but the decision by the facilitators was that in favour of the other. Watever. My team was like "Yucks! Nvm, we know can already."

And we have the Baboo King! My groupmate, Kelvin, was dressed up as Chun-Li(Street-Fighter) and u bet he was sexy lor! He danced and danced till his boobs almost drop sia! Then wear so little! Like just a trash bag only? =D

Almost forget to say my group, PaGong, was damn attitude. We were asked to cheer so that we can be released for lunch. We did. But the IC said he didn't hear. What came after that gave him a BIG headache. We simply attitude him lor. We sat down in a circle and started to play games by ourselves. We totally ignored the IC. Until the facilitators came over to beg us to juz anyhow cheer. Hahaha. Shiok sia!

Lazy to type out everything lar... Overall, its ok lor. =)
Short entry this gonna be... but then... Be Back Soon for another entry of mine soon!
-sorry ar. lazy ppl like me cannot remember those details.-


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