Tuesday, November 02, 2004

KungFuHustle... We are killing!

A lousy quality poster of the new movie

Yup, as you can see, the comedy king is back! His new movie, 功夫 otherwise known as Kung Fu Hustle is coming soon!

The story is about a young man's search for the true martial arts master... I don't really know much about the story yet... Dun want to anyway cause I do not want to spoil the movie! But as far as I can see... The Axe gang / 斧头帮 is pretty involved in the movie.

Visit the offical site to find out more!

See what see? Later I Whack You Ar!

Froms the looks of it, Kerry seems to have the upper hand... BUT! From offical reports that I have read, they are still saying that Bush will win. I really wonder... Lets see, the voting is starting soon!!!

Pretty neutral about the both of them, but what i feel is that Bush made a mistake by attacking Iraq! Simply because they do not have weapons of mass destruction. *glares*
(ok. Pardon me, i am going to go out ot point soon)

We are killing ourselves.
Yup, u got me right. We are!

Bet many of you watched the movie, The Day After Tomorrow.

In case any of you think that the movie is purely another sci-fic. u are damn damn damn wrong. In actual fact, we are behind the ice age by a few thousand years already.
Some of you might have heard about the shifting of the poles. Meaning north pole becomes south and vice-versa. Yup, when that happens, the world would go into a major climate shift which will results in the next ice-age. Shall not go into this chim stuff. **read about this quite some time ago...**

The point about we killing ourselves is because we are contributing into global warming! The ice caps at the poles are melting at an alarming rate! But according to GlobalWarming.Org, this is not true. We are only contributing 2%. Mmm... *shrugs*
-shall read more about such stuffs!!!-

The world is 70% water and the temperature of these water bodies contribute to how our climate works. The warm currents from the tropical region and the cold currents from the poles. But this will not last forever. With the amount of ice melting into the oceans, the cold currents will soon over-power the warm currents. When that happends, the next ice age will befall us.
This is just the end results.
**this is what i heard from TV!(shall not name the channel)**

Global warming also brings about other effects... shall not bored you people by blattering more. Visit the following site to find out more!

Photo taken from ClimateHotmap.

***Disclaimer: All of the above are based on my personal knowledge thru t.v. programmes and reports from books and the net. All that I had mentioned does NOT represent any organizations or parties.


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