Sunday, November 28, 2004

- "Sadded" -

Heyhey! All of my A'lvls peeps, happy holidays! =)

These few days has been really crap? Haha... lack of slp man.

Went back to school on Thursday to help out in the orientation for the International students. Spent the night watching DVDs before going to school to help out in the morning. First night never slp.

The orientation was abit boring for us? As in those IG members... Cos we simply did nuthing. Ya, except for moving tables... Eating... Thats it? *shrugs*

There was this case of an International Student who lost his wallet... with S$400. The phone he use is the latest model as well. Not to mention he is dressed up with designers' colthings. WOW. He found his wallet in the end thou. Lucky fellow.

After that... Mich was so kind to to trick me into taking bus8. Then I ended up i-dunno-where then take 154 home. wah seh. The whole journey took me 2.5 hours le. But its a good thing cos i got to catch a wink on 154. =D

At night... Ky, Colin and Dj came over... Ky installed Guilty Gear X and ITS SO HARD to play using the keyboard. Argh. After that we played mahjong... haha... end up like no one won lor! Margin of 10cents? so ... Played GGX again... then Dj watched 我和僵尸有个约会 the whole night. Slept abit... Before waking up again for breakfast.

After breakfast... its back to TP to meet some of the peeps for badminton. Colin went too... Not much people was there... Fagan, Vincent, Avril, Audrey... tats all? haha. Played for a while... Then Colin and me challenged this pro... lost ar. How i miss my usual kakis... haha... HARD to book courts le. =(

On the trip back home... Colin and I were toking abt mmm... RJC... Ok.. about the mentality of those people there...

Conversation 1.

Friend: When you say "wahliao!" in RJC rite... they will think that u are an ah-beng!

Me: huh... then like that i am wat sia? SUPER BENG liao le.

Friend: Ya lor... The way they speak is like... How do i say this? They construct their senctences before they speak.

Me: Mmmm... In another words... They speak perfect english lar?

Friend: Yup.

Conversation 2

Friend: Girls at RJC are very realistic one... They dun go for love.

Me: O. Like how?

Friend: They first go for the money. Then the looks. They don't believe in love.

Me: How do u know?

Friend: Mmmm... If u are in RJC for 2 years, u know.

Conversation 3

Friend: They(RJC peeps) hate people who speak in Chinese and they look down on them...

Me: WTF?!! (For those who I dunno, I totally despise these people)

Friend: Ya, and they think they are damn class.

Me: Huh?

Friend: Cos most of them are from the Raffles family since young, they have the mentality that they are from the "upper class".

Me: Whatever man.


Yup, and so my image of those Raffles people still stays. I dunno why... but since young... I have the impression that RI/RGS/RJC people are those who thinks that they are DAMN smart. Well, they are good in their acadamics... but so what?? They are like so... Haiz. Well... of course not everyone is like that. =)

And I HATE people who looks down on the Chinese language.

First. If u are a Chinese, at least learn how to speak the language. Knowing how to write the langauge means nuthing.
Getting A1 for your chinese for your "O" lvls means shit if u can't even construct and speak a simple scentence in Chinese fluently. Even an chao ah beng can beat u flat.

Second. Being a chinese, please be proud of who you are and your cluture and roots.
Dun insult yourself by using words like "cheena" to put yourself down.

Thrid. The western countries ain't any greater then how Asia is evolving to be. WAKE UP. Stop thinking that western countries are THAT great.

Argh, I am pissed.


Also, I am pretty turned off by the fact of how materialistic Singaporeans have become. Is money everything? Haiz.

快乐是平凡独有的享受。 物质的享受是虚伪的。 那些只求物质享受的人是不会知道真正的 幸福


And saturday... slept the whole day... wake up by a call from Xw... then its mahjong again. Yup.

Boring life? I guess so. =(


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At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah lao mahjong neva call me... some fren u are... aniwae i juZ gotta noe a nice gal in the same yr from ur course in ur skool... =)

At 3:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yea i'm teck... hahax...

At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hm.. i agree with the part about the chi lang. my aunts were also talking about it ytd night, saying that the only reason why my cousins can score well in chinese is only because they tried damn hard to memorise. haizz.. if you just pick any word out anywhere, i doubt they'll actually know what word is that. how sad. maybe that's also why they'll never understand how i can actually speak chinese fluently, without needing the time to construct my sentence. -belle-


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