Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Something In Your Eyes

Haiz. I am just so stupid and dumb. I am, therefore I am. Mmmm. What kind of logic/theory/equation is that?

Ok.. Rememeber last time... erm.(scrolls down to see what I asked.)O. Ok. I asked. Erm. *Thinks* Ya. Is Singaporeans too hot after the paper chase!

-sorry, cut for a while. I just watched E-News on TVBS aSia. and i saw HEBE!!!!!! *GRINZ* think she really became more matured le... but still so cute lar. =P-

Old pix but still. I prefer her with her hair like that. =D

Ok, back. Towards my question... I have gotten several different kinds of respones.
First. Those that said no. Mmmm. No comments. =XOk. Those that said Yes. Yeah! I so agree with you. But then i feel that what students that are after those degrees and stuff should know why they are after it for? I mean, they should have a purpose in getting that specific degree. They should not be saying things like, "Been taking the subjects... Don't that this take what?" or "I dun't even know what I wanna do. Just take lar."

Ain't gonna go on crapping about the topic. Lazy ar.
Why? I am lazy, therefore I am.

Ha. And Yes! I am so stupid. I am thinking that my IQ is getting so low that I am falling out of the GEP range. Haiz. Wat is wrong with me? Shall work hard to crack open my mind. (Mind. Not brain. Brain is just that lump of matter inside my hollow head)Shall work hard! YES! IQ must be 160+ AT LEAST!! erm. *dreaming*

These few days. Played bowling. Tennis. Badminton. Xbox. Ya.
Aiya. Dun wanna update le. Not a good day. BAD bowling day. Avg 129.5 only. =(

*** Something In Your Eyes ***

Yesterday when I see your face
Your eyes were watery
And they melt my heart so...
I don't know why.

In my dreams I was at a beach
So beautiful and romantic
But what caught me was not the sight before me
It was your eyes watching the resting sun
A glance at you could fill my lonely soul
A smile from you could melt my icey heart
But its your eyes that could capture my imagination for you

There is something in your eyes
Something I can't describe
Its like a mircale
That I can look into your eyes

Today is so beauitful
Your eyes are sparkling
And they melt my heart so...
I don't know why.

Reality is mesmerising
With you by my side
Hoping that it's not a dream, looking at your eyes
It is your eyes watching the falling leaves
A pat from you could comfort my sorrows
A wink from you could lift my spirits high
And its your eyes that release me from my spritual prison

And yes... There is something in your eyes
Something I can't describe
But its not a mircale now i know
Cause its you
Your eyes that bring out everything in you

The only future is with you
The wrinkles are showing
But they still melt my heart...
Cos I love you so.

Fact of the day.
Dolphins call each other by name. =)


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