Friday, December 10, 2004

Juz a simple entry

Sorry for not updating... haha.. no time le. =x

Monday. Went to shop for Ky's prom outfit first. Went to John Little in JP. Xw and me became his fashion consultant. We matched 2 very nice outfits for him but he chose only to buy the jacket only in the end due to the lag of funds. Ha.

After that... Xw and me went to Malaysia. Mmm... For the first time in my life, I stepped into a salon to cut my hair. 40ringgits. Quite ok lar. The hair stylist styled for me... Dun think its THAT nice. Pretty cool walking around in Malaysia like that... Just shop and look for cheap stuffs. Already planning to go again to buy my blazer and DVDs. Haha...

Watch "The Incredibles" before coming back. Nice movie... Realised the meaning of "action-packed". haha... btw.. Jack Jack polymorgh power is way tooooooo cool.

Tuesday. PJC's Grad nite.

Went to sch in the morning... then left at 3 before heading home to change for grad. Reached home then i faster anyhow picked my clothes then changed already... Haha... meet up with Xw, Ky and Jasper to go to Pan Pac. When we reached there... WAH!! so many 美女! PJC rocks! lolx.

Took photos with friends... Cannot post up yet cos I never receive yet...

Crashing grad was easy... The councillors were mostly on my side... Haha... They simply gave me a "chop" and allowed me in. Hahahaha...

After grad... A few of us went to "The Durian" to stone and drink. Stayed here for some time before heading over to Jasper's place. Played cards. then slept at 4.


Woke up at 8. played cards again... haha... Before going for lunch later... Jasper's house there got no good food one! =( Headed for Tiong Bahru Plaza after makan... played some arcade.

Went to LiFan's <-- (the guy who splited my pjc pants last time...) house to slack... before heading to school for MEETING. lolx. Meeting was long... ended abt 10? then tok with Jason... beforeing heading home... By the time I reached it was... nearly 1. Phew.

Btw. Bon Voyage Sarah! Happy trip to Korea!!!! *jealous*

Thursday... Pon sch again... Haha... NO lar.. i got no lessons. HOHOHO! Wanted to go kbox but i never receive sms... so in the end went out with Pamster to watch movie.. haha...

We watched "National Treasure".. Pretty nice movie... However... The movie wasn't tough enuff for Nicholes Cage to display his excellent talent... During the movie... some chinamen behind were like toking so loudly lor!!! ARGH!!!



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