Friday, December 03, 2004

Nothing at all.

"The more I grow, I less I know."

Haiz. School is starting in a few days time. How sad?

Actually not. Haha. Finally no more rotting at home. Yeah!! *cheers*

See the quote? Some businessmen said that and I thought it was pretty wise. Thus I came up with an equation.

Increase Age = Increase Knowledge
But it also means
Increase Age = Undiscovered Knowledge
Increased Knowledge is LESS then Undiscovered Knowledge
For an Instance.
Increase Knowledge increased by 1 unit when Age increases by 1 unit.
Undiscovered Knowledge increased by 2 units exponentially when Age increases by 1 unit.

Now... Thats some lousy equation but something to think about...
Still find the quote pretty true huh?
Yes... I am nuts le. Tired from doing nothing at all. Bleah.

And if you haven't gotten what I am trying to tell you... It means......

I got no updates at all! O_O

Fact of the day

The Mnong Tribe in Vietnam is the only tribe left in the world which tames wild elephants for dosmestic uses.


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