Monday, January 03, 2005


I am back!!

Yeah, back from the Genting trip with my gang. Not that much of fun due to the amount of fog up there. For 4 days, i cannot step out of my hotel to visit the outdoor theme park. Defeat my purpose of going to Genting. But its the company that counts. =)

Heard a few things about the IG meeting that i missed. And i am still very worried. I dunno how is my project going. How did the briefing go. What important things happened during the meeting?

Heard that Xiuwen got her own project now. Which i believes is the orientation. A chance to prove herself! =) My impression on Rozy has changed for the better and i hope that hers will too. =) Its always better to have one more friend than foe.

The Tsunami. Been away for a few days. Death toll now soars over 127,000. Humans are just so fragile. But in another point of view. The Gaia theory is also partly right. Mmm...

We humans have been damaging Mother Earth for so long now. And as we all know, all living things on earth have the ability to heal themselves. And its time for Mother Earth to strike back. And she did.

Mighty earth.
Fragile humans.
We went overboard.
And she retaliate.
When that happens,
We will all be dead.
YET another lesson taught,
But will we learn?

I doubt so.


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