Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Hi everyone.

Guess its very late to say happy new year now...

The start of the year wasn't very good... The tsunami incident.

Yeahyaeah... it happened before the new year but still, the aftermath pretty much dragged into 2005. * Should i get a proper update/conclusion on this? <--- Tell me! *

So what did i do for the past week?

Went back to PJC for 3 days for orientation... and there is only one conclusion.

The J1s are so self motivated and enthu!~ OMG. Most prob the most "auto" batch i ever seen in soooo many orientations. And the Orientaion was good, despite the ineffective planning sometimes. All in all, it was well-received and fun.
Cheers to the 5th SC and OGLs. =)

Been busy in school also... dunno what i am so busy with also.

Responses for HTM Olympicsis good!!! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the event!!! =)

Will get a proper update soon... Sorry. =X

Fact of the Day
Average IQ is 100.


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