Friday, January 21, 2005


There is a Tiger behind every LION.

Gosh... when was the last time the National Stadium is filled with proud Singaporeans?

Tiger Cup 2004. Finals (2nd Leg) Singapore 2 - Indonesia 1

Aggr. Singapore 5 - Indonesia 2

Probably the only time when you can see so many Lion fans in years... And yup, its back with us after a long wait of 6 years. The Tiger Cup.

Watching the match live was an unforgettable experience. Singaporeans... So united in "boo" and "Kayu". Not forgetting our celebrations when we scored. The match itself was pretty nice too... considering that the standard of Asian football.


Yesterday was the sort of the first "class outing" for HT08. 贝壳,烂泥, Shiyin, Linda, Weili and all the guys (except Jonathan) was there.

Not really a lot of people but it was pretty fun. First,贝壳,烂泥, Shiyin, Calvin and me went to watch POTO. quite nice ar... but its kinda funny to be watching a musical without breaks and in a cinema.

After that we went to KBOX... with the rest joining us at a later time... Singing was so-so lar... as usual, they suffered. hahahahaha. What to do, cannot sing means cannot sing.

It was like 3.20am when we left kbox... And we walked to this S11 coffeeshop to slack... Ate some ramen and we talked all the way till 7am... Clifton was crappy lar... talked so much until about 6am i was abit sianz sianz then dozed off here and there. Weili's laughter is so... funny?

Came home and sleeeeeeeeeeeeep. 9am to 9pm. =D

Sometimes I feel,
Life is so simple.
We are either awake
or asleep.
Yet, we go through so many processes.
Study, work. Social, family.
Many more.
We learn, we adapt, we changed.
But the world keep asking for more.
By asking for more, they want to keep things simple.
Will the day arrive when we do not need to work?
Will the day arrive when we do no need to learn?
But there are yes in the no.
It might happen.
They say it might.
Life is not simple.
Not at all.


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