Saturday, February 05, 2005


This past week has been a roller coaster ride for me.

Well, for those who dunno, I was the I/C for the event, "HTM Olympics 2005". The week of 31st Jan was the week the event was held.

Lets go through the events that happened.

Booking of the equipments screwed up. Badly. Tried logging in for a week. Approach the sports office and managed to settle the equipments. Phew. (I thought)

Day 1.
Had badminton and street soccer. Being the first day, things started abit slower. But all went well, until a fight broke out at the street soccer courts. Well, went over there to investigate and gave a verdict then. Cannot go into the details here. But ya, its pretty much scarred the thing.

Whole day of meeting lecturers and course manager due to the fight on Monday. Meet up with the soccer people and the president and had changes made to the verdict. Had captain's ball and badminton. Things was pretty smooth.

Street soccor resumes. The event was quite smooth.

Talked to the sports office peeps. Extended the bookings for Friday. Or so i thought. Event was smooth.

Chaos. Badminton was fine. But the lecturers prepared extra teams. Couldn't reject them.. and the next game was delayed. BoardBall was next. Dunno how is it yet. Hope they have fun? Nic and Fagan took charge of street soccer. That was fine. Final CapBall was the last event to be completed. Lecturers played a total of 3 games, namely badminton, soccer and boardball. They didn't play capball as it was too late for them. There was plenty of communciation errors cause there was a mistunderstand at the sports office side. And the lecturers are slow moving. And the capball people gave me trouble too. Argh. After the event ended, had some "talks". It wasn't best of all talks but guess i expect this to come.

But all in all, the games are played and all i can do is hope that the people had fun. I could give explainations for what happened but i guess its useless now.

Bad planning? Bad luck? I dunno. But i think the ig is upset. Very. and i think i caused the reputation of the ig to be what it is now. My fault? One way or another, it gotta be. Well... My fault. Wont say that its that much of a success. *shrugs*

But we tried. Hope you all can understand. Sorry.


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