Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Wow... It was so long since i last updated...
Sorry guys... Was having lots of datelines and problems... Those in HTM should understand also? =)

Handed up serveral proposals already... TTOPNS... POM... Psychology...
Finally man... at least one project is down. Phew. And the presentation was so crappy... Am i like funny or something? I seems to entertain the class during my presentation... Is it good or bad? Mmmm... *shrugs*

But when I am cheering over the end of POM... CS is giving me so much trouble... Role-play and summative test are both coming up soon... Its like... I dun even know what is happening in the subject... Hopefully i can maintain my A in this sub ba... *prays hard*

Mmmm... there are so many things that i wanna to do and need to do. But i just dun seems to have the energy to do so.

And i miss my SC friends!!! Where are you all?!?! All my brothers!!!! Book out le mah?!

Sometimes i wonder... Just who am i?

As in, what am i doing here? Here on earth? Just to survive? Or am I here for a reason?

I believe that there is a reason for me to be here. The reason that is simply to live life the wat i want.

So, whatever i do, please, its my life. =)

Think too long never blog le. Dunno what to tok abt le. Wahaha. =x

and one thing.

Its still. ... =\


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