Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Finally a time to get a breather.

But as i say this, it’s less then a few weeks to the exams. Not really having a good feeling for this sem thou. This sem seems so short. Well, it is for a matter of fact. But the work load appears to be the same. Or maybe. MORE. Argh.

So what’s wrong with the school admin huh?

They must be like some freaky mad ass who think that students are so free and always have time to do school work and nothing else while the admin just happily sit there and wait for us to finish the work so that they can collect it and the CRAMP all the damn datelines all together giving the students hell with the already cut short sem by them!

Ok. Sorry for the long one sentence ranting which is soooo wrong and out of point.

The projects are like finally over. But what will my grades be like? Got this feeling that my project grades wont be high. Feel so... U know... The Not-So-Good feeling. Ya... juz hope that i can average out a B this sem. Of course i would be happy to get As!! Guess the most impt thing is that i would not fall in terms of grades in my GPA. Cos my current GPA allows me into SMU/NTU... And i wanna advance my studies. So ya. *Prays* betta dun fall out of the 25% range.

Ha. Praying. Doesn't really make a difference does it? In my case, I dun study. Well, those who know me would know that i really dun. I know that me being where is I am today is caused by myself, and only me would understand how and why I am doing this. Well, i am not those who believe in academic results... even though practically, this is important. I know that, and i recognise the fact that it is. However, I dun think that the current system of recognising it is good. Yeah, whatever. Its juz how I feel anyway. Thousands of people are still following it. And for generations to come, dun really think that will change much too.

Before I forget, As result is out!!! Congrats to all those who did well… so happy for you guys… was like hopping around in sch after hearing the results. And to those who like got 4A A1 D D…. I stunned le. For those who did not do as well as you expected… well, dun worry so much ya? Just talk to the teachers and figure a plan out ya?

Just went out with Kim to watch Howl’s. Quite nice ar. It pretty hilarious… but not as emotional as Spirited. Even though I think Spirited is a nicer anime… Howl’s is definitely worth the money as well.

Argh… tml is psycho exam. I am still not hitting those books. Oh. I mean. Book.

Bless me. Someone. =x


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