Saturday, April 09, 2005

Dying Under the Blue Blue Sky


No need to ask about my results(obviously I am going to show it here). Basically, it sucks.

1 – A for Psychology

2 – B+ for Principles of Management (quite a surprise actually) and Commskills.

3 – C+ ß Totally sucks!!! My econs I kinda gave up so getting C+ I am fine with it… but Travel and Tour? Oh my god… I guess everyone put in so much effort(for project) but the whole cohort scores quite badly. Since whole cohort didn’t score that well… I better shut up about this…. But BUSINESS STATS!!! Haiz.. one of the subjects that I thought would ace.

So overall… I SCREWED my EXAMS. =(

My GPA now is a mere 3.13…. haiz… but at least still above 3 lar… can get into local uni. Phew. And as expected… I fell out of the 25% le…. Sob sob… that is for this exam lar… this exam… aiyo…. Lets put it this way… NO effort put in this sem… so better dun complaint.

Just as I was typing this entry… another SMS was sent to me telling me the same sucky results… What the point rite? Irritating service. =(

Totally –sadded-

I shall go and play games to kill those AI to relieve my sadness…

And dun bother asking me about my results. ITS HERE!

DAMN. >.<


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