Monday, April 25, 2005

Old Entries. 1, 2.

There is such a thing that no one in the world can ever understand. This thing is so complicated, so hard, so invisible that no one in this world can ever get the hold of it... No one can hold the power of this thing. But it is this thing that had made our lives the way it is. It is this that make us think, feel, cry, laugh, care, hate... many others... Do you understand the thing? Do not be surprised if you do not... Its something that no one can, if you can, u are not thinking, u are not imagining, u are not the way u are supposed to be. Thing, something so stressful, something that let you think and think and think...

Never understand

Never know what to do

Never seek to know

Never think you know

simply becuase...


Those are the tears that fall of our eyes, our window of the world...It falls, as smooth as a raindrop... or it could flow down our cheeks, with a nothing but a path behind... Would you follow back that path, back into the window, deep into your nerves, into your brain, into your memories, into that had made you tear... Good or bad, its not up to us.. the window shows what we matter most, what we cared for, what we cherish... Never doubt your own feelings, for you have to live it for the coming years, your life, your immortality...

Tear in your eyes

Leading a path

To where we don't know

But one think we know

It had made us tear

Never once doubt youself

Never think twice of tears

It made you and me

Into the wonderful

Story in the world...


At 11:57 AM, Anonymous xIaohuI said...

har, u cry ar...

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous lengzai said...

haha!!! no lar!! its my old entries.


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