Thursday, April 14, 2005



It’s the holidays. But days are still passing as usual. Nothing special. I kinda dread holidays.

It’s more of a routine. But come to think of it. Life is a routine. Isn’t it?

More or less, we lead life in a certain format?

Stage 1: Infant!!! We cry all day and drink milk. Not forgetting sleeping is our favorite hobby.

Stage 2: As we get older… we learn to speak… talk. We begin the task of understanding this beautiful(?) world with our innocent eyes.

Stage 3: School starts!!! Wow. Major stage in life. Most people would spend at least 10 years trying to read those books and trying so hard to score well in those irritating exams. Well, that’s the boring part.

But I guess this stage would also be the stage that would be remembered by us best too. Friends… The times spent together… The laughter… the jokes… and the familiar faces. The care free life which we can spend thinking about nothing and just hang out chilling.

And we often call it “Life man!” Is it?

Stage 4(For guys!): National Service. When boys become men. *raises eyebrow* If becoming a man means knowing how to scold KNNBCCB, guess the army trains the recruits well! But NS is one thing that I look forward to… I just want to experience it. Not everyone can le… what to do? =D

Stage 5: Work! Well, continuing studies maybe. But after that it is working time!

Well, I actually went to Chinatown to buy clothes for DnD. Erm. I can’t find the clothes I want lar…. But I went past soooo many shops and what I see is this. Shop tenders sitting outside/inside the shop looking lost and some of them were even snoring. Wow. So much for working rite? I can’t help but think about my future. Am I going to be like that? I sure dun hope so. The reason I hop over to HTM is that I dun wanna be a lab rat or boring office worker in the future. Hope that everyone out there can find a job that they like… Its gonna be a huge part of your life le… Spend it happily lar. =)

Stage 6: Getting married. Erm. PRETEND that everyone that reads this will be married. It is your turn to start a family… have kids… look at them grow… The joy of going home daily and see the wide smiles of your kids… Wonderful…

Stage 7: OLD LE LAR! Time to retire. How do you want to spend your remaining days? Doing nothing at all? Working? Looking after grandchildren? *shrugs*

And DnD is over… mmm… this entry is typed over a few days lar… so dun be bothered about the timeline… haha… DnD was alrite…. Not much of a problem I felt…

Meet those peeps at 3pm… then went over to the hotel to prepare some last minute stuffs… did nothing much actually… The girls changed and damn they are gorgeous! =)

The guys changed a little later and it was left with boon and me moving stuffs down to the ballroom. As we were going down… I saw my beloved maid!!! Maria!!! Omg. She is drop-dead gorgeous. Tooooo pretty le!! She should really dress up more… Looks like our make-over plan for her rocks totally. Mesmerized by my maid!! Haha!! =)

The IG members decided to go ton… but I have driving today… so I decided to go home.. so that I can sleep… and I wont kill anyone when I drive. Haha… So today… drove… then met up with Kaijin to watch The Pacifier. Quite a nice movie ar… worth watching… It’s the usual Disney heartwarming stuff lar…

Dunno what am I updating lar… But I might update again soon… =)

PS. I love my maid!!! So B-E-A-UTIFUL!! =)


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