Thursday, May 05, 2005


Ok… Before you people start breathing down my neck for not updating, I shall… erhem. Attempt to update.

For the past few days, I have done absolutely nothing!!! Yeah!!! *so proud of myself* But come to think of it, there ain’t much for me to do?

* Driving lessons

* FTT!!! Cannot fail again ar!!!

* Rot online… <-- most of us do this wat.

* Play games… Need to get a better com. My com is dying!

* Read books. Yeah. I am reading. *whatever*

* Planning for Orientation

* Sort out meeting dates with the various people I need to meet

* Work. (Very little lar)

* Any other little thing here and there.

What else happened….? Mmm…

Yeah. Annual General Meeting. Its over le… I know that people might have conflicting ideas over who should have gotten what positions and stuffs. But its over. Right now, lets just focus and do what we have to do. Its is gonna be a very tough year ahead for us considering that we would be separated from our freshies and we would need to travel back and fro from Tourism Academy and Temasek Polytechnic… *Actually I dread this but I foresee I am the one doing a lot of these trips. Argh* haha.

I will try to do my best k peeps!!! Faith! =)


天空 慢慢暗了

星星 开始亮了





反复思索 看见的却是同一画面

无时无刻 脑海浮现的人就是你


Argh. 没有灵感. Forget it.

And CONGRATZ TO PJCSB!!! For attaining GOLD in SYF!!! *grinz*


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