Monday, May 30, 2005

My Lousy Review


I am getting more and more lazy to update… lolx…

Ok lar! Movie Review!

StarWars Esp 3. Revenge of the Sith.

Watched it today alone at Golden Village, Jurong Point.

Ratings: 7.5 / 10


The starting was pretty normal… the classic Star Wars thing with the intro with yellow words… The following scene that far shot was that of a Star Destroyer… From a far view that close up slowing on the tails of Obiwan and Anakin’s Star Fighters. Nice. I like. =D

The next 10mins was about fantastic space battle. Apart from the sound droids which I felt spoilt the whole thing. Cos it disrupt the rhythm of the battle and I saw how stupid Anakin was. *oops*

The story proceeds with fabulous rescue of Chancellor Palpaltine and the death of Count Dooku. Count Dooku suddenly seems so easy to handle huh? He was old, yeah, that was one thing, but he was gone in about 5mins. Gosh! That sucks. And Obiwan seems to be so fragile? Haha… I was surprised his legs didn’t break when the corridor fell on him.

Blab la bla… Overall, the action ain’t that bad… 8.5/10! I love lightsabers. =D

The emotional side of the story ain’t that fantastic I felt. Everything happened way too fast. It took 5mins after Anakin lost himself to Darth Vader and went off to the Jedi Temple and kills younglings. Within 10mins, all Jedis are dead with the exception of Yoda and Obiwan. This 20mins I felt was overly dramatic.

After that, it was the major battle bwtween Obiwan and Anakin. NICE! The fighting scenes I felt was so-so… but I can really feel the pain in Obiwan. Gosh. Felt really sad for him. Especially when Anakin shouted “I hate you!”…. =(


And yes, I am lazy to continue the review. Haha. Will update another day…. Below is the bapoo photo lar… haha… *fainted.

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