Thursday, May 12, 2005

Old Entries. 3,4.

So many meanings to this word...What does the word mean to you? It might mean lost, it might mean nothing, not at all, to feel the feeling of being empty in your heart, your mood... Do you feel empty in your life? Ever before? The feeling so hard to descride that i would not even try, so hard, so confused, so deep inside you, yet not being able to find out what is happening inside... Empty. This world is so happening, yet there is always people with empty hearts... How can we feel it up? to lose thi feeling, to be happy, to be carefree, to be with the wind, always moving forward...

Empty inside

Carefree outside

Never knowing

What is inside

Showing nothing

But a false front

is not the way

to solve the problem

Never got to fill?

Never able to?


Good or bad?

Death would lead one to the afterworld...The afterworld, how is it like? No one knows... No one came back it to tell us how it is like... No one knows... Is it a world of spirits? A world of evil or joy? A world of enver ending bliss? What is it like? No one ever knows... Do not think of going there, for it is a trip of no turn. Even if you do, you would not be able to tell us the story, for you had lost all of your memories, leaving nothing... nothing but an empty host.

A host which is empty compromise of no soul, where is yours? Do you have it in you? Do you treasure it? Do you own it....?

Souless creeps


Life in the world

Is not meaningless

Do not despire

Do not lose hope

For it is in your mind

That cause the Link

The Link

TO everlasting


*Note. I knoiw there are spelling errors here and there, but lets just leave it. =) *


At 7:56 AM, Blogger faggy said...

You are a deep thinker. You are an understanding person. You are one just seeking to do what's best for u and everybody. But ppl dun understand, and they make it hard for u. very hard. but u still hav to go on, show everyone the strength in u. because at least theres still ppl who believe in u. tk care dude. [btw, saw u on tv!] anything buzz me, anytime. =)


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