Sunday, May 22, 2005

Week Zero Orientation

Haha… Week Zero Orientation finished le…

It was’t that bad lar… but I feel that the lack of activites for the freshies aint that good… cos most of the freshies are like watching others play… haha… the majority of them are just there to cheer and cheer only… >.<

Went into the orientation hoping to keep a low profile one… and I did it on Day 1!!! Was quite sure not a lot of people know me. Lolx. I dunno why ar… but I juz cannot get very hyped up in TP le… just canot get into the mood… from FOC ( was still known thru-out the empire cos I taught them cheers and stuff, but I wasn’t as hyped as I was in PJC) to Fun camp ( dun think THAT much people know me ar… lolx!) to this SL thingy.

I can consider myself quite lucky lar… cos I got to took care of my own course people… Hospitality and Tourism ROCK THE HOUSE DOWN!!! >.<>

Day 1 was pretty boring for the freshies I felt, there weren’t any games for them to play actually… and being the very lousy SL I am… I taught them all the bad stuffs. How to pon orientation etc… Haha… But all of them supported me le!!! None of them left! =D I was keeping a low profile on day1 as I dun see the need to me to make myself high profile… there was Tat Ming who did that... He stood in front of the LT while I stood at the back of it to support his “ra-ra-ings”. That was boring Day1. The bomb that was dropped onto me that day was overwhelming too… =( The only fun event the whole day was the learning of the mass dance I believed. =) *RAH!*

Day2 was the day I kinda got famous with the HTM people. News of me being the President of HTMIG spread. I was wondering who told the freshies until I heard them broadcasting it in the LT. *fainted* Another reason I got famous is because I am the official “baboo”. All thanks to Gayna. She tied my hair in this cute fashion that made me cover my face wherever I went! Ha. (shall post a pic once I get hold of one. Anyone who has it can send to me!) The moment I stepped in the LT… the kind HLs asked all the freshies to turn around to look at me and make me do stupid things. *faints yet again* And this time, it was the full strength of 10 HTM classes. *heng its only HTM* I also became more enthu since I was already so well known. No pt keeping low profile le… so I cheered a lot…. And my class was very supportive!!! We ended up being lame together... Still wasn’t as enthu as I was in PJ lar.. but it was good enough. Lolx! *bleah*

Highlight was the time when we went to Bedok reservoir, when all 5 schools meet and compete. It was boring, until we won 3 out of 5 awrads. Everyone was mad and we simply cheered and cheered. We won Best Cheer Leading, Winner in Olympia and BEST SCHOOL AWARD. =)

Business OEI!~~~

I am lazy to update liao lar!!! Will try to update about other things another time. =D

**Confused, Lost and Disorientated I should be. But the Force keeping me through is simply the weigh of the confusion. 虚幻空间, 似影似实。**


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