Saturday, July 02, 2005


Sick man alert!
Man… it sure sucks to be sick at the end of the week… I cannot even remember when was the last time I was down… But right now as I am typing, my temperature is rising. RISING. *boom*

Well, on the bright side… some of the assignments are over!!! Yeah! Been burning lots of oil for these and I guess lacking of oil make me sick. Argh.

Actually, I am at a lost as to wat to update. I mean, there is nothing else but work work and more work. Recently, I often find myself asking this question. “Hey, what am I doing?”

Having no clue to what I am doing is what I am facing now. I seem to live my life the way an ant would. Work and rest. Rest and work. I know there are things I need to do. But I am just so tired, so restless. Help me. >.<

Well, I need some entertainment. I wanna go to the movies. War of the Worlds. Anyone? There is so many movies out there… yet I can only watch them slip away from me as time goes by… haiz. Life, as it is, is ripping away all my entertainment!

On the brighter side of it… school is quite fun? Its often just singing, laughing, joking and playing. Not really paying much attention but at least I dun dread going to school? My clique in class now is pretty full of shit lar. That’s why. Hahaha…

Got to go.
Got to run.
Leaving this place where troubles are abundant
And worries flows like running water
Searching for my paradise.


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