Wednesday, November 23, 2005



Realised that I've been neglecting this blog for a while... been busy with work and school etc...

Got 2 new jobs recently... 1 at Mt Faber as a Bar Waiter aka Sai Kang Worker... Another which has ended already.... Referee for Counter-Strike: Source, World Cyber Games Grand Finals.

Both jobs are giving me good pay... =D but one is over and i kinda miss WCG. =(

Other then that... havent been doing much le... Got this really bad feeling about this sem thou... Been going to classes late... always need to wait for bus/trains for damnnnnnnnnnnnnn long. which was like wat the?!

Going to TP might actually be faster then going to TAS. Thats how bad it is.

Saw Xinxian that day but I didn't call her. Sms her after that... Kinda brings back the old feeling but its just feels quite funny as well... Had a nice sms conversation with her and hopefully can get to meet up soon ba.

Where are all my brothers??? When are we going out?? ST?? lets go sing!!! Kolay!!!! EVERYONE!! Damn i miss you guys...

- the wait goes on... -


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