Monday, January 16, 2006


Well, I think i have been pretty unlucky in the past 2 weeks... first, i got stung by a bee then i get food poisoning... >.<

I was on my way home actually, so I was walking along the bus interchange at Boon Lay... Then i felt something landed on my hair which was kinda hard.... And i THOUGHT it was bird's pooooooo. -.-

And so clever me tried to feel it, I GOT STUNG! Wah... IN shock man. My first reaction was, "OOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH!" I was like grabbing my hands and my fingers were trying to squeeze the needle(forogt what you called it) out... then i tried to suck the venom out... hahaha.... I was fine initially, till the next day when my hand got swollen and there is this red line then went all the way from my palm to my chest...

Went to the doc at night and he said that it was the path of the venom... o_O sounds so drama. When i tried to visit the doc, it was late and most of them were closed. So i went to nanyang central, most were closed. Went back to my home there to look for the 24hour doc near my block, but he sucks lar... Asked him what happen and he said this. "I also cannot tell you whats wrong, but you can see for yourself where the path is heading. The jab to take will cost $90, if you think its too expensive, go to A&E."

SO DUH RITE? Jerk. anyway, I went out, took a bus to Jurong Avenue instead and went to Sliver Cross Clinic. There, the doc told me that it could highly be a bee stung, and the venom should be alrite... Most it will do to me is a little breathing difficulty... So he gave me a jab and some medication... and it cost me $58.

The week after, on Wednesday, I was in school early to prepare for the TAS forum... But i wasn't feeling very well due to some pukey feeling... Before going to school, I went for driving for 2 hours... was feeling ok but towards the end, I started feeling.... ya, you get the drift. At first I thought I was hungry, so I went to have some food... But it turned out that the food would end up in the toilet bowl later... SIX times... haha...

And there I was puking away in school till I can't take it anymore, so I asked Avril and Jovi to handle the forum... Gave them instuctions then I took a cab down to Nanyang Central to see the doc... At first, Tat was suspecting that i got grastic flu... cos i puked so many times... In the end, the doc said i got food poisoning... lolx...

And I went home to take med, without food. ZzzZzz..... Slept for like 28hours or something before i deceided to wake up cos i was starting to feel hungry...

The next day was STUMPED... its was ok lar... not too bad. Congratz to all who completed STUMPED. =)

*you can see that i am getting lazy, so ya...*


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