Saturday, March 18, 2006



I am sorry for not updating for so long but seriously, there aint much to update!

My life now revolves around driving my mum to/fro work, moving the shop stuffs...

Its not often that i go out and enjoy myself, thus, the lack of updates. HAHAHA!

I have been sleeping, gaming, sleeping... eating... sleeeping........

Yeah, you got the idea.

Oya, not forgetting TV which is so important. I wanna go buy the 大长金 VCD! Just very nice to watch, plus, its the holidays and that means i can chiiioooonnnngggg the whole set... and i found the FULL SET of DragonBall Z!!!!! but it will cost me a whopping $150. haiz.... its not the month to buy it...

Guess I really need some singing therapy. I pity those who K with me... haha... always have to suffer my hhhhooooorrrrriiiibbbllleeeee singing. HAhaha! But too bad... What are friends for? =D Its not like i dont suffer when they sing too... o_O

*What? I didn't say anything!*

I need to fix my body clock... argh.


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