Thursday, April 13, 2006



SL camp is over...! The programs of the camp itself is alrite... but my group was a fun bunch. The smallest group ever i think. Technically, there is only 8 of us in the group. And we isolate ourselves from the rest, having fun within ourselves when playing games, going to the bookshop for breakfast when the rest are having it at BizPark, irritating other groups by suaning them bla bla... haha. crappy.

Chiong 大长今 within 3-4 nights and the show totally rocks. haha... I think its one of the best dramas I ever watched. Every single esp never fails to amaze and educate me about things in life. Will rewatch again. =)

AGM is OVER!!! STEPPED DOWN LE!!! No more Mr.President. =D


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