Sunday, July 02, 2006


Mmm... updates?

Let me see what can i talk about? Chalet?

Haha... Had a chalet with the council peeps. Well, its actually just the usual gang, with a few others coming here and there....

Spent a great deal of time playing asshole daidee and indian poker and bridge.

We made ALOT of noise while playing asshole daidee and we actually got complained twice. I was like "wat the hell lar... come chalet cannot make noise." but then we obeyed, afraid of the risk of getting chase out of the lousy small room.

We got tired of the game and we played indian poker. The game itself is dumb. but the forfeits are hilarious. Ky... Sq.... Eunice.... lol. Not forgetting Aili too.

Day 2 was about the same... TOO LITTLE FOOD for BBQ thou. haha! Played like bridge, bridge and more bridge. >.< played till we decided to K.O lar. How bad could it get. haha!

It was all about the same anyway. The same clique whom i love love love! And when are we going to K huh? 9th izzit? lol!

Other then that, i think its World Cup that is much of everyone's life. Been betting small this time round, always betting on exact scores. My winnings/losings are pretty even and its all in the name of fun. But it sure piss me off when you are holding on the a winning ticket (lets say about 600 in total already) and some last minute goals (that could be like from 6mins to 5 SECONDS) make my tickets becomes usually $10 trash. Argh. Tough luck i suppose.

Mmmmm, what else? Other then that, I am very happy with my current status thou. Its is simply much with the flow and letting days go by.

No inspiration to write songs le.... 灵感 please!

Genting trip... will it come true? =)


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