Friday, September 01, 2006

Its over!

DPD marks the end of all papers that i have to take in TP IF, i said IF, everything goes well.

and DPD sucks btw. I guess the whole cohort agrees on that.

SIP is going to start in 10+ days. It means less time for my family (home alone 4 will start to roll from 24th Sep btw), my guazi and all my friends. The worst thing is that my SIP would have no fixed hours which means i wont know when i would be free at all.

So ya, lets hope I would still get to meet everyone.

This sem hasnt been a great one in terms of almost everything... Other then school life, i guess everything else is really good! haha!

September is a very expensive month! *broke* lol... and need i remind, its a very important day during the MID of the month. So people, heads up!

Dad is coming back soon!~ Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sep11-24. before flying off again, this time with mum. That explains home alone 4. But by then, I would have started SIP so i guess it really doesnt matter already. Lets hope that Dad would decide to change the car.... Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift, Nissan Latio and there is this new Toyota car which looks quite cute too. mmm... one of these would be nice. Doesnt matter auto or manual. I am fine with both!


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