Sunday, October 08, 2006

Its time to post!

Yeah!!! I am a qualified Diver!!! =)

Haha... just got back from tioman not too long ago... went there to complete my open waters diving course.

It was real nice!!! I did 5 dives in total and spent a total of a few hours in the water! Like what most divers would say, its a real new world down under.

I saw so many different kind of corals and fishes and i saw a sea turtle too! We were pretty lucky i supposed. There was a diver on the trip with us with more then 50 dives to her name and she has never seen a sea turtle! haha... I saw a shark too! (small one ar...)

Met quite a few new people and they are mostly very friendly. =) My buddy was supposed to be Meryvn but Calyvn wanted to bud with his brother so I bud with Catherine instead. Lucky it was someone i knew much earlier also so communication wise was all set.

But then... because of this trip, i missed my SIP classroom session! lol... hope it alrite and i didnt miss anything much, which i think i didnt anyway. >.<

And i really miss my Guazi and my family alot!!!

SIP so far is quite ok ba... I think the workload is just starting to get abit more heavy but it also kill time faster so i am fine with this... I just dont want it kill my personal time with my Guazi and my friends. =
I will try to update more ba! =)


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