Tuesday, November 18, 2008

5 months...

5 months since my last update...

so what have i done?

after commissioning, its off to work in the real world and boy sure it IS busy.
work work work. and there is no such things as weekends nowadays for me.

but on the bright side... I have obtained my COC (something that i need to obtain in order to move on in my training) and was one of the earlier few to have gotten it. I am very very lucky to be able to get it. =)

Saving money! I need to save... I need like 100k in 2 years! that is like impossible!!!! But i will try to do whatever I can. To save and invest wisely. Hopefully.

and people!

talk to me on msn ya! or sms me! Let me know that I am alive! and you are there too! >.<


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